Codesandbox my new favorite App

Newly announced Codesandbox Projects comes with a redesign and new functions for teams of developers.

Codesandbox my new favorite App

When I bought an iPad Pro I wanted to be able to program it entirely for simple things, use it for emergencies or minor corrections because the iPad is more portable than a notebook. When I bought it, I already knew some Apps and used them on my iPhone, so migrating to the iPad is not difficult, since it was on a larger screen.

One of these applications was Play.js, an IDE that ran natively on the system and focused on Javascript development, in which I could develop and modify all kinds of code, in addition to versioning my code through Git that was integrated into the Application ! I could even test the application I was developing with a local preview! That is, the app I was developing through my iPhone or iPad was running directly on my device.

Last year this application Play.js was purchased by Codesandbox, a company that develops an IDE that runs in the browser and carries the same company name. As a result, they have a native web and mobile IDE in their portfolio. Something we don't see much in our development area.

With Play.js and Codesandbox already presented, now I can talk about the recent announcement of Codesandbox, the "Codesandbox Projects" that brings improvements in the design, leaving the same minimalist, a greater focus on Multiuser as we see in VSCode's Live Share, than in Codesandbox allows programming both in VSCode, Codesandbox on the Web and Mobile. That is, a developer on iPad can collaborate in a Branch with a developer on Computer through VSCode or Codesandbox itself on the web.

I've been working on several projects using Codesandbox Projects, before I was happy using Play.js and now with the new update I'm even more excited. The possibilities for debugging, team collaboration, are all very very good to work with, basically I had no problems working with the tool.

A project that I have been working on a lot is this blog that I share opinion and knowledge with you, while developing it I have shared my experience through a Thread on Twitter and as can be seen, I really enjoyed the experience, being able to develop a complete website in a tool as it is, it is very good, mainly because of the practicality of accessing a project from anywhere.

As I wrote in my last article, I would love to be able to work entirely on the iPad, and with this new version of Codesandbox I can easily program through my iPad Pro. There's nothing like Codesandbox for mobile devices, since I got my iPad almost a year ago I've been testing everything I find along the way to be able to program, and nothing compares to the experience of using Codesandbox. Everything works so well, it has everything I need to be able to work with just one tool.

As I am in the process of migrating to the iPad and starting to work entirely with it, I am also migrating my projects to Codesandbox, I started with my blog to see if I could work entirely on the platform and the answer was yes, with a nice system for Environment variables that work only in private repositories, thus bringing greater security to the development of our projects.

I have been using the Codesandbox Projects Beta since its announcement, I had the pleasure of being invited to test it and I have to say that the experience was great, even though it is an Open Beta it is very fluid, the reporting and sharing of Bugs is very good, the The response from the Codesandbox team regarding Bugs and Troubleshooting is wonderful!

In addition to sharing this app in which I confess that I became a Fan, I wanted to write mainly as a way of thanking this wonderful team for creating such a great tool! To the Codesandbox team I say my congratulations! You are very good!