Hello World, this is my blog!

Discover my space to share work, studies, knowledge and mark my presence on the web in a way that makes a difference for people.

Creating a blog, and or, a portfolio in my opinion is necessary for every developer, I have this opinion, whether to be found more easily by recruiters, or to share knowledge, in order to evolve the knowledge of the development community as a whole .

The idea of being found by recruiters comes in handy with the community, as the more you are known among the community, recruiters have certainly noticed you within it, as well as being a good space to follow your progress and evolution as a developer .

The idea of sharing knowledge, however, will be very useful for those who are starting out or looking for something different to solve a problem, such as a very specific error or an implementation of code that will hardly be found on a Stack Overflow of life .

Don't let your dreams become dreams, just do it!

Inspired by Willian Justen's blog, I decided to create my personal blog, to share knowledge, whether I have found it through studies or by solving a problem found in my day-to-day .

One thing I have to emphasize is my interest in sharing content in Portuguese and English, as I see that much of the content I read is in English, and I see a lack of content in Portuguese on the subjects I've been applying and studying. On top of that it will be a good space for me to practice writing .

The blog will certainly evolve over time, with new things being implemented, new content being created, things being improved on it and bugs being fixed, I hope I can always bring it all with the best possible quality to those who follow, since now, thank you for being part of it! ❤️