I want to migrate to iPad

Extremely portable, powerful, the minimalist setup I needed but with some issues.

I want to migrate to iPad

At the end of 2021 I purchased an 11-inch and 128gb iPad Pro M1 thinking about using it as a personal computer, I thought a lot about the possibility of using it on trips instead of taking my Macbook which is my main work machine.

The idea of using the iPad as a notebook comes from the fact that it with its keyboard works very well as a notebook, and assuming that an accident "could" happen, it would be much cheaper to change either the keyboard or the iPad than an entire Macbook.

When I started using it, I knew that there might be some barriers to being able to program 100% on the iPad, however, I believe that, based on my knowledge as a developer, this was not a problem, because the more time I use and research about it, the more I discover new tools. To help me work on the iPad.

First I went after seeing how I would use a Terminal that for many will be known as CMD. This is the main tool for me to start a project or manage it, so I can remotely access code, download, install, edit… Do it all!

Terminal Photo by MacMagazine

The first app I came across was iSH, a great terminal app but with some limitations due to the system. Browsing a little more I got to know Play.JS, which at that time was acquired by CodeSandbox, when I got to know Play.JS, I realized that it would be possible to work smoothly with the iPad, because on it I could program everything I currently need with a little configuration.

When I met Play.JS it was an Application built to work natively on iPhone and iPad, a tool for devs to be able to program without crashes or limitations. With the purchase of CodeSandbox I have to say that it got even better, as they recently performed the update that changed everything!

Now Play.JS is called CodeSandbox… In this new gigantic update we have a new way of programming. In addition to being able to program locally as in the old Play.JS, we now have the possibility to program remotely with the CodeSandbox platform, the name of this new update is called Projects, it has a very large focus on remote work and with several programmers at the same time, such as in a Google Docs with several people editing the same document.

In this new CodeSandbox Projects, the application runs on the Cloud, we edit the code remotely, so we are programming and testing our project entirely on the CodeSandbox platform. The configuration is very simple and with a great integration with Github I can see it working in large teams, being able to be worked on both normal VSCode, CodeSandbox Web and CodeSandbox mobile on iPhone and iPad.

Basically with this new Codesandbox it is possible to program all kinds of Web applications, I created this entire website myself using CodeSandbox! I had no difficulty using it and I was even more interested in migrating from Mac to iPad, there are already some people who use the iPad as a personal computer, the best example of this in Brazil I believe is Barba from the Youtube channel Barba Sou Eu.

Barba Sou Eu

This guy I've admired for years, and he's been using an iPad as a personal computer for a few years to work and create content. And I say, I want to get to this level! Creating content and using an iPad for everything I need in my work.

Today the only thing that prevents me from working 100% with iPad is really my work, for those who don't understand software and application development, we have standards for development, whether it's code structure or files, even the environment we use (aka the configuration from our computer), in my case it doesn't depend on me to decide whether or not we are going to use CodeSandbox, it depends a lot on the client's need and if it is capable of being used on the platform.

But in personal projects, I can use it with ease, because I'm the one who's going to choose the technology I'm going to use. It's not for nothing that I decided to develop my website entirely on the iPad, to show that it is possible to create complex things like building a website from scratch entirely on the iPad, testing and launching!

My biggest difficulty today is basically convincing other developers that it's worth investing in. I think a lot about the accessibility of people to enter the area using their mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets, which in many cases are cheaper than a Notebook.

I ask that after reading this article, look for a search on Samsung Dex, I exclusively recommend that you also know the Youtube channel ProdutiviDEX that shows this system that I think is essential for Devs to focus on creating solutions for users.

Samsung Dex is an adapted Desktop (or computer) interface that Samsung smartphones and tablets have integrated into the system. It allows the smartphone to be connected to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and thus can be used as a computer.

Dex Setup from Brandon Le Proktor @bprkt

First of all, I think this is really cool, because you don't need a computer, you can have a monitor, keyboard and mouse at home on a desk prepared for when you need to, just connect your cell phone and use a computer...

For 90% of people in Brazil, the Smartphone is the only personal computer, I think in the case of work and personal life, everything could be put there. And when needed be accessed like a computer.

I believe that if we developers and even users shared more the idea of using devices such as Tablets and Smartphones as a computer, we would have more investment from companies.

I see Samsung today as the overwhelming majority that invests in this possibility and will have my support whenever possible. The only thing I expect is the same from other developers, creating solutions and sharing about to spread this possibility, test and share your knowledge with such!

On the entrepreneurship side, I see that those who invest in this area now in the beginning will be successful because it is something that has a large user base but with few speaking and producing for it.

Basically, the few that produce content and services for these mobile tools will be entering an environment with little competition and a lot of search.